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Welcome to our suite of business enterprises. We have three divisions: Travel, Textiles and Furnishings, and Consulting.

Nordic and World-Wide Adventure Travel

Out of the ordinary, special interest tours are our specialty. In association with Borton Overseas Travel, the leading tour operator in Scandinavia, we bring the best of Scandinavia to you. Because we also have business interests in Nepal (another mountain kingdom) we also do tours there. (See Nepal Trekking, Fish Lofoten, and Golf Tour.). Our tours will always feature one or more unique, knowledgeable individuals, who wish to show you their country in a special way. Watch for our future “My Scandinavia with …..” tours.

Nordic Textiles and Furnishings

Nordic Textiles and Furnishings offers the best of Nordic home and decorative furnishings. We feature antique reproduction furniture, traditional woven textiles, and unique accent furnishings for the home and cabin. All of our products are handmade with the “old world” skills, techniques materials and design that is in fact timeless. As in the “old days” these sturdy, robust products will last a lifetime. The perfect addition to your home or second home!


Our business interests, expertise, and talents are diverse. We provide executive, management, and administrative resources that can help your Scandinavian business connect in the USA and visa versa. Although we are only two, we work with associates to form project teams for nearly any small business venture.

Nordic Business Development, Inc. offers business consulting, administrative support, project management, and contact networking to companies and individuals seeking to do business between the United States and Scandinavia.

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